HotRod + Jody Jacinto - Car Wash Breeding

Jody drives into his drive way to wash his car. Meanwhile Hotrod is taking his daily run and just to run into Jody's drive way on "accident." Jody and Hotrod talk about seeing each other before and Hotrod volunteers to help. The two start flirting spraying water on each other and rubbing one another. It gets really hot in Jamaica so Hotrod lays on the hood of the car and starts squeezing the sponge out on himself with his legs open. Jody looks and says "hey that's not the way we wash cars here." Then once he does he gives the reaction and pulls his dick out and tells Hotrod to suck it. The two transition into the car Hotrod puts the top down and the fucking begins. Jody and Hodrod transitions to the back of the car, Hotrod laying on his stomach over the seats and Jody digs in again. They fuck all over the car. Jody sits in the back seat and Hotrod rides the hell out of Jody. Next Hotrod is on the back of the car moaning loud as hell and Jody pulls out and nuts on his back. Jody licks up his own nut and Hotrod kisses him after. Hot Rod sits in the back seat of the car giving Jody head. A Few moments later Hotrod shoots nut on the seat and on himself; hugs Jody, grabs his undies and walks back home.

MODELS: Hotrod & Jody Jacinto