Damon Dawson + Kent Kross

Damon and Kent Kross meet with me in Detriot at my hotel. They were telling me that they had thought about doing porn for a while but never really acted on it. Then when they found out I was going to be in town doing some filming, they figured what hell, why not. So I got the camera out and it all got started. Kent didn't waist no time getting down to taste Damon dick in his mouth. This tall, muscular sexy dude was no newbie at sucking dick. Damon flips the script and gets Kent bent over for a taste of that ass. Damon gets a mouthful and Kent is loving it. Everyone is nervous their first time we know this, but we didn't know how freaky things was gonna get. Kent pulls out a dildo and starts to get that ass ready for Damon and he is no stranger to the toys as you can see. But we get another surprise, Damon tells Kent to fuck him. BAM!! Didn't see that coming did you. Kent fucks Damon good and but this thug versatile dude is holding it down. Kent busts a hot load on Damon ass and Damon gives Kent a little taste as well. This is a must see. Battle of these Raw Thugs