Dewayne King + Drummer Boi + Travis Davis

Drummer Boi, Dewayne King and Travis Davis are in class working on a discussion together that they were instructed to work on by the teacher. Drummer Boi tries to get Travis focus on school work but Travis decides to be rude and ignore him. Dewayne comes up with a good idea and something he hasn't done, which was fuck Drummer and Travis. Drummer Boi liked the sound of that so he starts it all off by kneeling down and sucking on Travis and Dewayne's dicks. Once they're wet and hard it's time to work on the asses so they take turns rimming each other. They all take turns fucking and sucking each other. They really take it out on Travis for being such a rude boy and he get stuffed from both sides. Travis ends up getting a huge facial when both Drummer and Dewayne unload on him. Drummer is so worked up from all the fuckin that he actually jerks out a second load. That's how hot this threesome is, damn!