Darius Evans + Manny Baby

Manny Baby comes in after going out drinking with his friends while Darius Evans is chilling at home. Darius is kinda pissed that Manny didn't take him with him and that he wants Manny to make it up to him. Manny knows just what Darius needs to feel better and that's his big fat dick in his mouth and ass. Darius gets to work on that pipe, slobbering all over it, then Manny starts to dip it in his tight hole after eating it out. Darius can't help but moan with Manny's big dick deep in his ass. Manny bends over to take some of that dick Darius is packing too. Manny is so turned on that he busts twice, once all over Darius' face and the second load all over his tight hole.