Day Day + Dontae Star

Day Day and Dontae are kickin it just layin around shootin the shit. Day Day has heard some rumors that Dontae sucks dick and likes to get fucked but Dontae says that he's a virgin and hasn't done any of that before. Day Day doesn't believe anything he says so he tells Dontae to come over and suck his dick. Dontae works on Day Day's dick for a while, then bends over to get his ass eaten and licks his tight hole until he is ready for the dick. Day Day shoves his big dick up Dontae and drills that shit in deep. Dontae can't help but moan with all that cock up his ass. When Day Day can't hold off any longer he sprays his nut all over Dontae's mouth and face and Dontae cleans the rest off his dick. Turns out he wasn't a virgin after all!

MODELS: Day Day & Dontae Star