Lafayette + Usher Richbanks - MASSIVE PIPE

Lafayette actin like a chicken wit his head cut off looking for some motherfuckin elusive ass pizza cutter. Usher is like whatever man, who the fuck gives a shit about some damn pizza cutter Imma get up in yo ass and fuck you real good boy. That's right, get on yo knees and suck that dick. Turns out Lafayette is a master oral surgeon gettin that dick ready so he can bounce up and down that shit all night long. Usher bends Lafayette over the kitchen table who insists on screaming like a stuck pig, but who can blame him; Usher is packin one massive pipe. These two just keep on fuckin, and you can tell Lafayette loves that dick with his own rock hard while he rides Usher. When it's time to bust Usher aims one perfectly at Laf's tonsils!