Markell + Skittlez + Snow Bunni

Markell, Skittlez and Snow Bunni join Rock for some paintballin. It's a fuckin party fa sho for errbody, except Snow Bunni. He gettin hit left and right (and remember kids, put on your fuckin mask when you on the battle field!) by the pros like Skittlez and Rock. Those fools know how to cap some ass, but Snow Bunni is a different story. He just ain't cut out fo dis shit bruisin his precious skin, shit, he pissed off for real and Skittlez talkin shit ain't makin it better. Back at home all disputes are quickly gettin settled however wit a fuckfest between the three soldiers. Snow Bunni gets fucked good by Markell while suckin Skittlez' dick and all that pain and suffering of the war don't matter no mo. Shit, now you know how them thugs git down after some gun play... Bloods n Crips, they all suckin each other dicks at the end of the day.