Breion Diamond + Vern - FUCK ME FUCK ME!

Breion is in his hotel room cross da pond wit his dick hangin out of his robe and shit, waitin for room service to show up wit his booze. The waiter fucked up the order royally but since he's cute, Breion decided to fuck wit him instead. Da waiter, Vern starts suckin' Breion's cock fo while and then they git nekked and start makkin out. Breion teases Verns sinsitve spots an then Vern sucks Breions fat thing some mo. Next, Breion gotta loosen Vern's shit up to take Breion's ridikulously fat dick. Vern goes back to sukkin some mo, gittin it ready for Vern's tight hole. Breion goes on to lube up Vern's hole an tells Vern to shut da fuck up when he moans while Breion enters his him. Not givin Vern much time to adjust, Breion proceeds to pound and slap Vern's ass now Vern can't git enuff, yellin FUCK ME FUCK ME. Breion is all SLAP SLAP SLAPIN that ass and then slidin nice an slow and then SLAP SLAP SLAP it agin Breion spills his creme all over room service. This po ass waiter's prolly gonna have to go home sick now since he aint gonna be able to walk fo the rest of the night.

MODELS: Breion Diamond & Vern