Magic + Sincere Luv

Da two dudes get to their hotel room but there's only one bed and one couch. Magic gets da bed but offers to share it with Sincere Luv if Sincere Luv will suck Magic's cock; somethin he seems happy to do. Who can blame him, specially since Magic has an 11.5 inch stick of dynamite in his pants? Next it's sixty-nine time with Magic lickin' Sincere Luv's hole with his tongue. Sincere lay flat on his back with his head dangling from the bed as he works da Magic cock. Sincere gets up mid-suck and declares he has sucked enuff to win the bed. But Magic ain't through! He wants to shove his huge thing in Sincere Luv's tight hole. Sincere agrees only on da condition that he gits the bed all to himself for giving up his ass. First Sincere sits on the enormous cock and then, lays down on his back so Magic and pound the living hell out of him. Sincere Luv gits real hot with that monster cock up his ass and continues to take the thing even after he busts his nut.

MODELS: Magic & Sincere Luv