Swaggers #2: Dickin Down Deep

“Hop up outta bed, and put the Swaggers on, Get a hard dick and jack and know its up….” Flava Works aims to deliver once again with the second installment of the Swaggers Series; Swaggers 2: Dickin Down Deep. The name certainly speaks for itself once you see how the men of Flava show you their original swag. This feature includes models like Baby Star and Chaos Cartier; as they show you exotic swag when visiting a city and hooking up with a longtime friend. Not to mention, the triple threat Markell, Skittlez, and Snow Bunni having one of the hottest versatile threesomes that we have ever seen at Flava Works. Last but not least, the one and only Breion Diamond makes an appearance and shows Manny Baby the true meaning of thug swag when he takes control of that boy pussy. After seeing this movie I can guarantee you will be ready to show off your SWAG. Original music written and performed by Bry'nt

RUNTIME:128 minutes
Scene 2: Down South & Tyson TKO
Scene 4: Hotrod, Manny Baby & Omoni